Perceptions of Ageing Among Older Adults Living in Male’, Maldives and Implications for Provision of Support

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Aishath Nazra


The research presented in this paper aims to (1) provide insights into how older people living in Male’ perceive ageing and (2) how families and the wider community meet the care needs of older people. Eight people who are in the age group of 65 to 70 year olds, living in Male’, were interviewed for the present study. The results indicated that the participants preferred to live with their children and appreciated the level of care given by their children. Lack of modified homes, adapted built environments and suitable housing for families living with elderly parents means that healthy older adults’ level of physical activities, social interaction and independence are limited. Unavailability of environmental, social and health support services that are dedicated towards elders negatively influenced their perspective of ageing. While some of the participants showed resilience and adapted to the circumstances, others perceived the physical and social barriers to ageing with fear and restricted their physical activities and social interactions. Important aspects of ageing and the availability of support are discussed with implications for self, family, community and for policy makers.

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